Building the first BIONIC HUMAN

AI powered Bionic Humans will become as common as smartphones. They will assist us in every aspect of our daily lives while we are here and become
trans-generational carriers of our digital legacy once we are gone.


Bionic Humans will become as common as smartphones. They will act like friends and assist us in any aspect of our daily lives .


The IZOMO ONE is a Bionic Human face that is built to acquire unprecedented communicational, expressional and sensorial skills. 


IZOMO is an open platform. It empowers developers and businesses to build on it and develop  new tools and applications. 


IZOMO does not break the bank. It is available as a DIY kit and its body and brain can be personalised, expanded and augmented. 


IZOMO can be your co-self and the home of your digital heritage. It is the ultimate act for the creation of intergenerational connectivity.
Smartphones have, in just one decade, monopolised daily life routines and dehumanised many social interactions. Bionic Humans will take over most of these tasks and rebalance the live quality of "human existence" in the realm of a hostile technocratic world.

Open software and hardware development ecosystem

IZOMO reduces the barrier to enter the field of Bionic Humans to under 10.000 Euro. Developers and companies can quickly start building applications for the mass-market. The ecosystem includes hardware, software and a marketplace to bring solutions rapidly to market.